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Hey there (potential or existing) The Leather Poufs customer! Here you will find our policies and procedures for returns, refunds, replacements and cancellations. We also outline the procedures we take to protect our customers and how we put customer satisfaction first. Your business is very important-- and therefore we take returns, refunds, replacements and cancellations very seriously!

How long is your refund and return policy active?
Our refund, return and exchange policy is valid for 30 days after the receipt of the product. Unfortunately, if 30 days have passed after the receipt of the product, we will not be able to provide you any sort of refund, exchange or return.

How do I process a refund, return, replacement or cancellation?
Please contact us via the contact form, or at Our team responds within 4 to 48 hours. Please title the subject form “REFUND”, “RETURN”, “EXCHANGE”, or “CANCEL” so we can better serve you in a swift manner. Read the sections below to learn more prior to emailing us!


At The Leather Poufs, we have the customer's best interest at heart! This section helps explain what "Friendly-Fraud" is and how it damages our business and also causes hassle for the customer.

What is "friendly-fraud"?
Friendly fraud occurs when a customer files a chargeback instead of trying to first obtain a refund from the merchant (The Leather Poufs).
Well-intentioned customers may accidentally commit friendly fraud because they don't understand the differences between a traditional return and a bank-issued refund. They assume a chargeback (bank-issued refund) is simply a different way of getting their money back, as a regular return.
Other consumers knowingly abuse loopholes in the chargeback rules. These “cyber shoplifters” are maliciously attempting to get something for free…ripping The Leather Poufs off in the process. The Leather Poufs keeps customer logs, agreements, and tracking history to dispute and report these customers.
Chargeback fraud (malicious) and friendly fraud (an honest mistake), the distinction is largely academic. Both types of fraud involve filing an undeserved chargeback, and both have the same end effect. Whether through ignorance or intent, procuring a refund while retaining the goods or services purchased amounts to cyber shoplifting. This harms The Leather Poufs’s integrity and business.
Noting this, The Leather Poufs takes cancellations, refunds, replacements, and returns very seriously. We have our customer’s best interest at heart and will try to do our best to get our customer a well-deserved replacement, return, refund or cancellation.

What are the common reasons "fraudsters" chargeback?
In the case of friendly fraud, the fraudster is the cardholder. It could be the person whose name is on the card, or someone authorized to use the cardholder's account, such as a family member. Either way, a transaction was authorized, got past fraud protections, and seemed to be a legitimate purchase. The customer files a chargeback, attempting to regain the transaction dollar amount yet holding on to the product or services rendered.
There are many claims fraudsters can offer as reasons for filing a chargeback. Some of the most common include:
The item or service wasn’t delivered. The item or service wasn’t as described (counterfeit, wrong color, subpar, etc.). The merchant didn’t cancel the customer’s recurring payment when requested. The original transaction wasn’t authorized by the cardholder.
When you feel any above has occured, please contact The Leather Poufs. We are very pro-active in working with our customers to resolve any concern or problem they have with service, their product-- or any question in general. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

What are the statistics?
At The Leather Poufs, we have created seamless and simple policies to prevent “friendly-fraud” and “true-fraud” in order to provide a happy experience for both The Leather Poufs and the customer. Our policies have the best interest of our customers.
Here are the statistics of friendly-fraudsters:
- 81% of recent survey participants admitted to filing an illegitimate chargeback because they “didn’t have time to contact the merchant (The Leather Poufs).”
- Only 14% of consumers follow credit card regulations and contact the merchant for a refund before initiating a chargeback.
- A consumer who has filed a chargeback is nine times more likely to do it again.
- 40% of cardholders who successfully file an illegitimate chargeback will attempt another in the next 90 days.
The Leather Poufs tries to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours during the weekdays. Please be patient and do not hesitate to double email when 48 hours have passed.


Customers reserve the right to cancel their order when we have not yet shipped out your order. No strings attached. No questions asked.
How can I tell if my order has been shipped or not?
If you have received a shipping confirmation email, that means your order was shipped. You can also check on the "Track Your Order" page. If still confused, please contact us at

How do I cancel my order?
Simply drop us an email at with the headline "CANCEL" and we'll get it sorted out for you!
I wanted to cancel my order but it has already been shipped out!
We apologize if weren't able to cancel your order on time! Unfortunately, we will be unable to cancel your order. Please follow the return procedure to receive your refund.
You will have to wait for your package to arrive, and ship it to our return depot in Nevada. Please contact us at once you receive your package to being the process.


Replacements for damaged, broken products are FREE! Just contact us with video and picture proof and our customer service team will forward it to our warehouse team. You do not need to send it in for inspection if video and picture proof suffice. Contact our team at with the headline "REPLACEMENT".


What are the qualifications for a FULL refund?
- When you receive your package, and the package is in original working condition (meaning you haven't opened the package). You may process a return inquiry for a full refund.
- Damaged or incorrectly delivered items will receive a full refund. Please send in a video or picture to our customer service team to arrange a refund or free replacement.
- Items failed to be delivered will receive a full refund if indicated on the tracking number. If we have not yet shipped your product, and you would like to cancel your order, you will receive a full refund.
Unfortunately, if 30 days have passed after the receipt of the product, we will not be able to provide you any sort of refund, exchange or return.

What's the contact email?
You must contact us before returning your item, as the return address may be different from the address your order was originally shipped from. Also, the Refund Authorization facilitates tracking of your returned product and expedites your refund. Please note that refunds for products returned without contacting us cannot be guaranteed. Contact us at

How does the refund work?
A full refund will be provided to the original method of payment after we have received, inspected and confirmed that the returned products were not opened. All customers must contact us after sending the package back and provide us with the tracking information in order for us to process the refund.
Note: Most financial institutions will take an average of 3-5 business days to process the refund, however, it could take longer. Please allow up to 7 business days for your financial institution to reflect the refund on your statement prior to contacting us.

Return tracking and costs
Track your return using the information provided by your carrier to ensure it has been delivered to us. We will send you a return confirmation email once we have received your package and refund has been processed, you can also view the status of your return or exchange in your online order history. We do not pay for any return shipping costs.

Partial refunds
Due to hygienic reasons, we will be unable to provide any sort of refund if the product is used or if opened and beyond recoverable condition. You may qualify for a partial refund on a case-to-case basis based on what your The Leather Poufs customer service representative deems possible, please contact us at
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